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Wisdom teeth or third molars are one of the most common extraction procedures performed. Although this is a common procedure, patients are often nervous prior to their appointment. In a case such as wisdom teeth removal, where patients are nervous, it is important to feel and know you are in experienced, caring hands.


About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth usually come in during your late teens to early twenties and are your third and final set of molars. They are in fact unnecessary remnants from when human jaws were larger and wider, and could comfortably hold more teeth. But because our jaws have evolved to become smaller and narrower, there is often not enough room in the mouth for these third molars. As a result, many wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they do not emerge or develop properly. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a host of oral health issues including severe pain, damage to and shifting of other teeth, tooth decay and infection.

We highly recommend the removal of impacted wisdom teeth as soon as possible, before they can cause further dental issues. Younger patients tend to recover more quickly from impacted wisdom tooth extractions as well.

The Procedure


At Rainier Beach Dental, we offer wisdom teeth removal with IV sedation in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, though patients can of course opt to undergo the procedure with local anesthetic only as well. It usually takes under one hour to remove wisdom teeth, depending on the complexity of the case. We advise patients to rest, treat the extraction site very gently, eat soft foods only, and use painkillers as needed for a few days following the oral surgery. With proper care, patients can generally resume normal activities 3-4 days after wisdom tooth removal.

Contact us at 206-723-7221 to schedule a wisdom tooth removal consultation! During your consultation, our dentists and the team at Rainier Beach Dental will thoroughly explain the procedure, cost, and what to expect post-surgery.

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